Design Philosophy


At Ivette Arango Interiors, Inc. (ID151/IB941) we believe that interior design is about understanding people and how they live. The focus of an interior designer should be the client and the client’s lifestyle, not a formulaic, stereotypical design such as  “Classic” or “Modern.”  Interior design is about the realities of what creates a timeless environment that is attractive and meaningful, which transcends the notion of simply incorporating what is “trendy.”

The art of interior design is a practice that evolves constantly, that becomes enriched with experience and has knowledge about the past, which allows for authority and a sharpened eye for good taste as well as the understanding of how to properly express a client’s vision.

The interior design of a project must be personal to the client and the designer must have the flexibility and range of abilities to seamlessly realize the concepts and ideas that create a beautiful, practical and livable space. The interior designer must understand technical interior details and specifications in order to bring together the proper scale, textures, colors, furniture and objects in a space.  A trained interior designer should anticipate difficulties and know how to avoid them, and should also be skilled in mitigating unforeseen complications with vendors, contractors and subcontractors.  These aspects of interior design also focus attention on project management within the scope of interior design and project costs, as the client’s budget must always be considered throughout the course of the project.

Ivette Arango Interiors, Inc. firmly believes that interior design is the culmination of all these elements to create a space that, without particular recognition to the interior designer, anyone, especially the client, can recognize. A good Interior Design is like a good piece of art.  You know it when you see it.  You know it when you feel it.

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